Nueva pagina:

We are slowly launching our new webpage , where you will be able to find our new offers and much more of them. Additionally you can also get found by companies and apply with your profile at Europeantalents with just one click!

We were overwhelmed by the feedback of and wanted to expand and facilitate the application process for you, but also for companies. We just focus on cross-border jobs for international people, especially Spanish. Therefore we were working for some time on and want you present this page now for feedback. It works like this:

1. You register at Europeantalents with your email

2. After the confirmation email you can fill out your profile, what makes your CV easily findable for companies, although they can not see your name

3. You can apply for the job offers on our webpage, by just clicking “apply” and filling out a short cover letter. Your CV gets automatically send to the company, which will contact you in case of interest

Please give us feedback at our new facebookpage!

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